Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

Power Seminar 2013

A great event that happened on Saturday the 7th of September 2013 at the Rotary center, the speakers were on time and the guest came in reasonably on time too, this proved we really had leaders in the house. We handed small note pads, a pen and the Centralite to our guest as they walked in. We had a tea break around 10 and we continued with our seminar, one of ur speakers could not make it but he sent in a representative who did a very excellent job. the other presenter got caught up in last minute crisis and could not make it. All the same the event was a success and we had a great day. 

Mr Rabison Shumba from The Greatness Factory who spoke on Elements of Leadership opened the event very well, he spoke on how to manage oneself and he said “If you can’t manage yourself, stop leading others. You are a danger to other. Know your strengths and deploy them accordingly”. Mr Shumba also gave away two of his best books i.e. The Greatness Manual and Fountain of Inspiration 2 to the club and to the club directors present, to others he sold the set for $10

Our second speaker was Mr Edwin Tawenga who spoke on Identifying and Analysing opportunities, he spoke on the nature of opportunities and he said “opportunity is everywhere you go, it is time bound. The opportunity of a lifetime seldom knocks twice”. 

Our last speaker was Mr Alexio Mubaiwa from Investor Saint, a business entrepreneur and motivational speaker, who spoke on Strategy – The Leadership Roadmap. He said strategy is an action plan; it is a continuous process of re invention. He gave us seven distinct levels of strategic contributions which can be identified as:

Level 1: Task execution
Level 2: Supervisory control and feedback
Level 3: Operational effectiveness of units within the business
Level 4: Business unit viability and sustainability
Level 5: Local viability and sustainability of multiple organisational entities
Level 6: National and regional organisational viability and sustainability
Level 7: Global organisational viability and sustainability