Central Heads Up - 12 Sep 2014

Its always a pleasure to write to you all fellow Rotaractors and friends. I hope you all enjoyed your week and are all ready for the weekend. A big thank you to the following people – Bobby, Derrick, Tanya, Jethro and President Lisani, we had a great meeting. An even bigger thank you to our fellow Rotaractors from Harare West and Highlands, with special mention to Past President Galani who’s always supporting us, our meeting wouldn’t have been better without you. We had quite an interesting meeting in which we had a presentation on marketing from Highland’s guest speaker. Check our Facebook page, we may post the video.

However, despite the wonderful presentation we had, Friday the 5th was not the typical Centralites Friday. Attendance was quite disappointing. We had more visitors than we had our own members. In all my time in Central, i believe last week we reached the record low attendance. There were no past presidents, no ladies and no committee directors except for club services.

Generally progress has been slow, there weren’t any committees to give reports and just a recap from what we last heard:

Prof & Int

The Power Seminar, scheduled for the 27th of September has not yet been finalized as no speaker has been confirmed yet. Whether the event will be postponed or cancelled completely, is yet to be advised. The budget for the event is $10 – $15, at the usual venue, The Rotary Centre.


They are still planning a raffle  for a prize of a night for two at Chengeta lodge. The ticket price to enter the raffle is $3. There isn’t much progress as well with this project as the committee is still waiting for the board to get clearances from the police.

On a very serious note, the finance committee is appealing to all club members to pay their subscriptions as the club is in severe debt at the centre. Reports indicate that over 50% of the club members have not finished paying their subscriptions for the previous year and this may affect our bookings for meetings at the centre.

Community Services

We last heard from community services when they visited Larch Children’s home on the 23rd of September. What other clubs are doing:

The Rotaract Club of UZ would like to invite you all to their Charity Car Wash and Social thereafter this Saturday, 13 September from 09:30 at Greencroft Shops (front of Spar and OK Supermarkets). The social party after the car wash will mainly be a braai and swimming with the Miss UZ Models. If you bring a car to be washed, you get a free ticket to the social, otherwise you pay $3. The car wash will cost $3 for the outside and $5 for both the inside and outside.

Rotaract Club of Harare West will be visiting Tichakunda Welfare in Hatcliff on Saturday 13 September and are inviting all to come and put smiles on children’s faces. People will meet at the Main Post Office (J. Nyerere) at 08:00hrs. You are invited to kindly donate clothes and food for the home. There will also be a social afterward.

We are yet to find out whether they will combine it with UZ’s or its going to be separate. In my view, having a combined social will be awesome as this would allow people from different clubs to interact and fellowship together.

Club Services

The committee is active but unfortunately they haven’t really pulled anything interesting thus far out of their hats. We still await the promised socials and club trip. Meanwhile, Tiyende Pamodzi Rotaract Club based in Lusaka, Zambia is inviting everyone to their annual October Retreat at Eagles Rest Resort in Siyavonga from the 10th to the 12th of October. The event will cost $50 for college based clubs and $75 for community based clubs. We will share the program later on, but of special interest is their reminder for you to bring your swimming gear.


Upcoming Events

Rotaract Harare West Club Meeting – Fri 12 Sept 2014, 17:30, Rotary Centre.

Rotaract UZ Car Wash, Sat 13 Sept 2014, 09:30, Greencroft Shops, $3

Rotaract Harare West: Tichakunda Welfare visit, Hatcliff, Sat 13 Sept 2014, 08:00, Main Post Office (J. Nyerere)

Rotaract Harare Central Club Meeting: Friday 19 Sept 2014, 17:30, Rotary Centre


A thank you to all who are supporting Rotaract. We would like to encourage you to continue working with Rotaract and most importantly work together, regardless of which club you are subscribed to.