Central Heads Up - Feb 2015

Here I was complaining about January disease little did I know that Valentines is coming and it’s not a leap year. Cannot wait for next year that’s all I am saying.

The meeting on the 6th was epic with all the clubs in attendance for our second joint meeting with the Rotaract Club of Highlands. Saw some UZ, West, Masvingo and Brooke in there. in the words of Ma$e and Lloyd, ” do it again”

We want to thank DRR Nkonde, for taking the time to visit our project and for speaking in Nyanja with some of the Zambian born Grannies at Melfort. With the way the Grannies were blushing DRR next time we bring our own interpreter. President Cathy and your team thank you for a great social shout out to the Rotaract Club of Harare West.

We also want to thank the Country coordinator Innocent and the Centralites that hustled to make Celebs Tea a success. there is something about the Piano that makes everyone a Ballet dancer but wont go down that path……

Thanks to all the guests that made it through, to our brothers in Rotaract its always  a pleasure having you with us. It sounds so cliché but please come again!!!

Oh ………And Heads up on the following items:

Club Wear
Club Nominations
Rotary Center
Fife/ Coloqhuin Av
Friday 6 March 2014

Club Elections
Rotary Center
Fife/ Coloqhuin Av
Friday 20 March 2014

Rot ‘O’ lympics
Saturday 14 March

Livingston Zambia
29 April to 3 May