Central Heads Up - May 2015

Rotaractor’s and Friends of Rotary, it is with great pleasure that we once again share the experiences we have had in Rotaract over the past couple of days.

If you thought the zest of the elections period was catchy, post Discon has been frantic. Almost like that movie umm fast… something. ‘Daddy D’ and ‘other Mike’ on Friday rustled the Presidents thunder, he seems to be still in Vic Falls somewhere. Get back soon!! Don’t worry, we not sending nothing out of the building any time soon.

Business for pleasure comes first and The Rotaract Club of Harare Central’s Dinner is now confirmed it will be at Picabello on the 4th of July 2015 (I think the soon to be IPP is holding on to power) and it’s going to be a Cowboy theme. Get your Jeans and boots out and get ready to line dance. I can already imagine. The price is $25, be there.

To the team that came through to Harare Hospital, your sweat and determination was a game changer. Please note Operation of Hope was immensely grateful and your parent club salutes you. Your president thought you rocked. Do not ever under estimate showing up at a project. Seems certain members now like Mango Apple…..sweet.

On election note, we would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate DRRE Innocent for being elected as our next DRR. We hope his tireless efforts and passion continue in the year 2015 -2016. You owe us a beer bud, by the way.

Our meeting in next Friday, the 29th of May, at the usual venue, The Rotary Centre / Senior Citizens Club, No. 60 Colquhoun Street – Corner Fife Avenue, Harare at 1730. It is rumored that we will be having an Honorable minister in attendance.

Other events to Note:

Host: D9210
Venue: TBA
Date: 30 May 2015
Time: TBA
Cost: Budget$5-10

Talent Show
Host: Rotaract Club of Hunyani
Venue: Rotary Center
Date: 30 May 2015
Time: 1400
Cost: $5 for the models, $3

Host: Rotaract Club of Avondale
Venue: Milton Park
Date: 29 May 2015
Time: 1800
Cost: $1 entry
Club T-shirts are still available, please get in touch with Alice or the President to order yours. Last but not least, thank you to all those who are paying their subscriptions to support our club activities. Please if you have not paid your subs, get in touch with the treasurer, Penelope and settle your bill before the Rotary year ends.

On that note cowboys and cowgirls let’s get ready for a rodeo at PE Penny’s Induction dinner.