Central Heads Up - July 2015

Those who wish to follow me
I welcome with my hands
And the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold
And peace to this young warrior without the sounds of guns”

2Pac- Ghetto gospel

As the end draws nigh, I guess philosophy takes form, consciousness becomes more real and hindsight becomes the order of the day. 2Pac and Elton John’s lyrics which echo off the end; ring true and minister to the heart. Egyptians took the color red as a symbol of life and victory and in some instances anger and fire. There is an emotional tale behind it but those are the essentials. The red sky at night meant fair weather and happy sailing and many a sun has set but there is always a tomorrow. Central is built on a lot of history which is a good foundation but its hallmarks are the bright edgy projects in every new season: being at the forefront of some ambitious projects has driven us, tested our mantle and resolve. It is easy to look back and admire but it is more fulfilling and rewarding to build and soldier into the future.

Words of PP Mike last Friday touched the heart and reinvigorated a fire we always knew existed in us great friendships and relationships to last a life time await us. What better opportunity is there but over a shot of bourbon at our cowboy dinner which is at Piccobello on the 4th of July 2015? The wanted poster reads $25.00 and The Cowboy theme is afoot thus boots and Jeans are calling, I wonder if they had skinny jeans back then.

I know they had country music,and boy did we sing them all as kids. I know a few have 2 left feet but line dancing is “copy and paste” and more interesting Bar fights were always a good cover up for a bad dancer. Just saying……

Please note on Thursday the 2nd of July 2015 we visit our parent club at 1730 at The Rotary Centre / Senior Citizens Club, No. 60 Colquhoun Street – Corner Fife Avenue, Harare.

The first meeting of 2015 – 2016, is on the 10th of July, at The Rotary Centre / Senior Citizens Club, No. 60 Colquhoun Street – Corner Fife Avenue, Harare at 1730.

Thank you to all those who are paying their subscriptions to support our club activities. Please if you have not paid you subs, get in touch with the treasurer, PE Penelope and settle your account before the Rotary year ends.

On that note cowboys and cowgirls let’s get ready for a rodeo at PE Penny’s Induction dinner.