Central Heads Up - 22 Jul 2015

Poker face best describes what I am about to write. Read it, if you can. On Friday bottoms up, Saturday Champagne breakfast, Sunday Zim Cricket pride, Monday Supreme Court and Tuesday psych ward. No wonder he is CJ Chidyausiku. That’s all I am saying this week.

Rumor has it some committees met this week can’t wait to see what they serve up because one of them is club services (social!!!!!!) and the other is community services. Someone please talk to community services, they spending too much time together and seem to be enjoying it.

Congratulations are in order to President Tinaye of Borrowdale Brooke who was inducted on Saturday. We wish her the best during her reign.

We would also take this opportunity to extend our condolences to the DRR; Inno who lost his uncle during the course of the week. May His Soul Rest In Peace. We also wish the family peace in this troubling time.

Please note on Thursday the 23rd of July 2015 we have been invited to our parent club at 1730 at The Rotary Centre / Senior Citizens Club, No. 60 Colquhoun Street – Corner Fife Avenue, Harare. They are hosting Oprah’s greatest guest Tererai Trent, my guess is it will be mind-blowing. Can’t wait, serious can’t: guess will have to pack my tent and wait at the center. Camping anyone.

We meeting this Friday the 24th of July, at The Rotary Centre / Senior Citizens Club, No. 60 Colquhoun Street – Corner Fife Avenue, Harare at 1730. If you want to tell the next one about the meeting tell them “Supreme Court Meeting!!!” As we attempt to dissect this labor ruling and what it means.

Thank you to all those who are paying their subscriptions to support our club activities. Please if you have not paid you subs, get in touch with the treasurer, Daddy D and settle last year’s dues and start on this year.