Central Heads Up - 30 July 2015

This week I got hit hard by the word “Integrity” what really got to me was when the person said robbers have more integrity than the whole lot of us. I could feel myself boiling at that point, shaking like a reed in water, this was the pinnacle of disrespect. He went on to explain and said “If he says give me your purse or I will shoot you, you better give them because they will shoot you.” After some pacing, app and a pizza it hit me. “Of the things we think, say and do” Do you say what you think, better yet do you do what you say? The robber does, do you? That’s some food for thought right there!!

Avondale and Hills, congrats guys I hear you teared the roof off this past weekend. What’s got me worried is Highlands is up next on Saturday and knowing those guys a drum of water, aspirin, a good day’s sleep won’t help. Don’t call me on Sunday the ringtone may mess me up.

Oh and heads up on the following events:

This Friday the 31st of July, there is a Joint Rotaract meeting at Mantis Africa in Harvey Brown, Milton Park. It will be hosted by the district team, The DRR will be in attendance. To those who remember it’s the place we had drinks, meat and lots of dancing a few weeks before the Presidents induction.

Sunday the 2nd of August we off to H.I.S. for celebs tea. Come roll up your sleeves as we raise funds for a good cause. We usually meet at “megawatt building” meaning ZESA house corner Park lane and Samora at 1400hrs. For all those who want a dose of some classical music this is a good time for some smoothing vibes.

As Central we meet on Friday the 7th of August at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs. Be a gallant son and daughter of the soil and invite a friend, an enemy even a frenemy. I am convinced they will feel like a hero on the Monday.

On Saturday the 8th of August 2015 Community Services invites us to visit L’arche Children’s Home. We are meeting at the post office at 1000hrs. Bring out the kid in you because we aim to have as much fun as is legally possible with the kids.

RYLA is on from the 7th – 10th of August and will be at Outward bound in Chimanimani age group is from 16 to 21 years and will cost $180.00 covering meals, transport, accommodation and activities. If you or a loved one wants to be part of this contact Simangaliso on +263 773 235 175 and simangalisonewman[at]gmail.com. It’s a tight deadline so the sooner the better.

Thank you to all those who are paying their subscriptions to support our club activities. Please if you have not paid you subs, get in touch with the treasurer, Daddy D and settle last year’s dues and start on this year.