Central Heads Up - 25 September 2015

That question from last week on how do you ask out a deaf and dumb “chick”? was the last thing I saw coming. The memory of a deaf and dumb girl pulling a “you got served” to vibrations flooded my mind, but what truly touched me is that it dawned on me that giving your all and excelling is not limited by the limitations that surround us. Troublesome times brought about the four way test. Therefore in this time is it more pertinent that we apply it.

Gilbert my guy, welcome to Central, you should have had a 10min speech for us. I hear the fines master is still out looking for you. My advice RUN!!!!!!

On that note heads up on the following events:

Central in Kariba” Retreat 2015 sounds ominous just saying that, the heart skips a beat just waiting for the, 9th of October 2015. Total Cost $60, commitment fees $30. Makes you feel like you about to walk into the ring with Money Mayweather.

Mo Mo MoMovember who will have the greatest Mo ever this November 2015.

Melfort Nhimbe the only question I have about this is, “Will the Umqombothi be available? Coz worksuit and Umqombothi go hand in hand, November 2015.

Robot Party, so I have been asked about which colour am I wearing by my wife, my complicated girlfriend and my X. All I could say was Green, Amber and Red. That moment you wish Shaggy was there. “wasn’t …”

Go Green takes a whole new meaning when you decide, you will plant the green 5th of December 2015 is Central’s Tree planting. Are sure you guys don’t know the tree of the year?

Power seminar 2015 when your cousin has a wedding you attend, we have postponed the power seminar. That way we can all support Rotaract Club of Borrowdale Brooke on the26th of September 2015 at this year Tug of War.

Rotaract Africa Summit Zimbabwe calls Africa to dine and discuss at the place where the smoke thunders. 2 October 2015. Registration is only $120.

Meet us on Friday the 2nd of October at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs. That’s a meeting you do not want to miss.