Central Heads Up - 07 October 2015

Seems that all our speakers have us an introspection and inspection thing going here. When Councilor Mbanga asked “Do you prescribe the solution or identify the problem?” It touched base because fair to all concerned is I get my measure and you get yours. Think about that question next time you get pats on the back for a successful project and you look back at the community and they have a, what just happened look.

We want to take this opportunity to say Rest in Peace Rotaractor Godwin, Rotaract Matopos and the Maposa family and indeed the nation of Zimbabwe have lost a Rock. May the dear Lord give you solace in this trying time.

DRR Innocent and the district team congratulations on the Rotaract Africa Summit, we hope it’s a stepping stone for great things to come in D9210.

On that note heads up on the following events:

It’s here, its freaking here “Central in Kariba” Retreat 2015 yeah baby yeah, Friday 9th of October 2015. The price is still $60 but raring to go. Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.

Mo Mo Mo, Movember who will have the greatest Mo ever this November 2015.

Melfort Nhimbe in Shona they have a saying that says loosely translated “No one man can encompass an Anthill”,Against that background we invite you on the 28th of November 2015. Let’s join hands and be the community we want to be

Robot Party, The wife, the girlfriend and the X still want to know which colour. Which colour are you wearing?

We always say Mother nature but now we will nurture nature 5th of December 2015 is Central’s Tree Planting.

Meet us on Friday the 16th of October at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs. In this breast cancer month put a little pink in your life.