World Polio Day

Rotary started the PolioPlus program in 1985. Since then, we've reduced cases by 99.9%. You can help us #endpolioforever: #BackToTheFuture.

Let's not forget that this disease is still paralyzing children. There's less than 1% to go to wipe out this disease for good. Let's end polio!

World Polio Day, 24th October, is an ideal time to raise public awareness of the ravages of polio and garner support for eradication efforts..
We are “this close” as Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign states…

A polio-free world is within reach…
The aim of the immunization drives are to prevent a reintroduction of the virus into all polio-free countries until the moment the globe is polio-free.

Only 1% of infected people develop symptoms so in a globalized world it is not hard to imagine there is still a danger that silent carriers may infect others whilst travelling around the globe.

It is that simple.
We cannot allow the immunization drive to slow down, or even to postpone it due to lack of budget. All effort would be lost. You can help! Join in and support the End Polio Now campaign.
We are "this close”.