World AIDS Day Conversations on #NoToYekedero

@Narcissity - 1:27 pm

Every sexual act is a leap in the dark
the magic of sexual pleasure is our ignorance of the complications that come with it HIV/AIDS/STIs, unwanted pregnances
we have indulged in sexual networks due to lack of sexual control
yet life is never a rehearsal
The camera's always rolling
we can change our tomorrow
but can never take away yesterday
attempt the ordinary and condomize
Champions: attempt the extra ordinary, abstain
It's not so hard,  you'll realize
Yes you can be a master when it comes to withdrawal during unprotected sex; but
Like a rose that is sweet to smell but painful when you touch it, you can't withdraw from AIDS and STIs
Stay far away from unprotected sex...
Never give in to discarded lovers without a fight, in fact don't give in at all
Rather have protected sex and enjoy it for a long time if you can't abstain
Help fight against this ogre that is HIVaids and STIs
It's better to lose a moment in life than to loose life in a moment
Trust me; you can lose your very life in a fleeting moment
Don't lead a life you will regret: Abstain and Condomize
That one night stand can turn out to be the straw that broke the camel's back
Be the best version of yourself Don't do it because everyone is doing it
Do it because you care for your health
Somehow someday you will get to understand it was good while it lasted...
And all that is left is an early premature death
We can use the storm of life to rise up high like eagles
get tested and be the change you want to see
No matter how much you have messed up, you're not hopeless...
You still deserve the best in life Eat healthy and use protection
Revenge is for weak people!
Don't spread the ogre
Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve; and your mind can perceive health and fullness
Together we can be optimistic
That a new era is at hand, one in which they could be an AIDS free generation
the future for us is already a thing of the past
Because we have faith in our own abilities
Faith in our own self-preservation
If you will not save others; save yourself...

Or at the very least:

- Narcissity & Memeh

@Wadzanai -10:46 am

Let's build an HIV free generation, it begins with me and you. #WorldAIDSDay2016 #SayNotoYekedero #SayNotoUnprotectedSex

@anonymous - 10:09 am

 AIDS is a virus which damages the human immune system, leaving the patient exposed to a variety of diseases
The majority of the infections are of women, most of which are aged under 25
Some people can be infected but remain symptomless therefore say #NoToYekederoooo


  • Intimate sexual contact.. through vaginal, anal intercourse, or oral sex
  • Infected blood entering the bloodstream..
  • By means of unsterilised needles and syringes by intravenous drug users
  • From mother to baby at birth or through breast milk


  • No To yekederoooo, No To Unprotected Sex
  • Restrict yourself to one sexual partner
  • Use of clean needles, razor blades and syringes
  • Education about the virus

There is no evidence that the infection can occur by droplet infection through the nose or mouth, or by casual contact such as shaking hands.

@Chriswell - 09:24 am

Block Yekedero intentions
Uninstall HIV spreading
Format unprotected sex

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@valzchivinge - 07:45 am

Love is Not indulging in Sex
Love is Not practising unprotected Sex
Love Is when you are faithful
Love is when you respect your body.
Love is when you spread the knowledge and not the Virus
Happy World AIDS Day

@rational_ear - 07:35 am

Adults practice safe sex,
Youths abstain from sex,
Get tested before indulging into sexual activities,
Stay out of chain relationships,
Stick and be faithful to one partner,
let's create an AIDS free generation.
Help raise awareness on this World AIDS Day.
Say #NoToYekedero

@valzchivinge - 06:34 am

#AIDS is real
#AIDS is deadly
#Abstain from sexual activities OR
#Practice safe safe sex

@papa_p - 06:28 am

Adults practice safe sex, youths abstain from sex, get tested before indulging into sex activities, avoid chain relationships, be faithful to each other, let's create a free AIDS generation. Happy World AIDS Day. Say no to Yekedero#