Central Heads Up - 28 October 2016

Maybe it’s a bit too early to be singing this song but it is so relevant it is shocking. Listen to what Wyclef said on ‘Gone til November’

“Yo, tell my girl, yo I’ll be gone til November,
I’ll be gone til November, I’ll be gone til November”

November is one of those boggy months we don’t quite get if it is coming or going. You have the students hogging the coffee machine and trying kukodza mombe pamarket (very loose translation: trying to fatten the cow at the market). Farmers toiling away preparing their field’s because the rains are coming. Then you have elders saying it is the hullabaloo month thus you can’t get married and they are busy pouring umqombothi on the ground. I bet if you lick the ground now you will get drunk.

Gents get your clippers and trainers out, this is the one month when women can whip us into shape. Where you wear the stache, with no major complaints from your significant other and more than just watching EPL get some fitness training in and pumping the TV remote doesn’t count. Yeah Movember month is here.
While we on the subject of Movember, Men and Health, the one area we forget is their mental health. The battle for most men is in their minds. When you see them calculate and concoct different schemes and plan’s, most of them hair brain, they are at their best. The worry comes when it becomes routine and they have that gaze (no I don’t mean the one they have on Friday and Saturday evenings at the watering hole) yeah you know the glazed look I am talking about. Where there is nothing behind the eyes no hope, no future.

This November we going to change all that, Lets go out there and contribute to our community pick up a shovel and clear a drain. Visit an orphanage and plough their fields anonymously, go to a social game of Rugby and hit a few tackles. Back pack on Mt Inyangani, maybe even swim in a natural pool there. Hit the gym and pump some iron. Put on your jeans and sleeveless t-shirt call the guys over and braai for your ladies.

If any of that got you excited know that the harbinger has come and gone, the drums of war are banging in the background, the storm is brewing and the clouds on that Bad Boys video of Bad Boys are rolling in, oh no we hear Central coming.

See you at the meeting tonight at the Rotary Center at 1730 for our Friday meeting:

On that note Heads Up:
  1. Club Trip - Nyanga, $60. 50% deposit required by 30 October
  2. Clean Up Campaign in Highfield, date TBA (November)