Central Heads Up - 30 June 2016

“I have a Dream”
-Martin Luther King Jr-

What Dr. King had was a dream, what people rallied behind was his dream. His dream was a vision of where he and his people wanted to go. It transcended from being a figment of his imagination (waking up and finding it all vanity) to actually changing a nation, altering culture becoming a movement. Such is the calling of the things that have brought tears to your eyes, the things that made you huff and puff like a raging bull. The option is you yawn in the morning and forget or you stand up and make a difference.

The last meeting was amazing, it almost had a dreamy surreal feel to it. The Poetry of the night was just not in words of PP Lady Flame and Rotaractor Wayne, it was in the whispers hissing in the tables, silent giggles and boisterous laughs that occasionally engulfed the room. Legacy meeting the future…

Like a raging veld fire you blazed through Central and we salute you Past Presidents Farirai, Ndafadzwa and Lisani and say happy trails into your future endeavors, remember always that this is home (holding back the tears).

Today is a great day, we celebrate the birthday of our members, Wadzanai! Happy birthday girl! Be happy everyday, keep doing what You love the most, keep smiling everyday and have a great number
of moments worth remembering.

From PP Tember:

Last Saturday, 8 Rotarians, 1 Rotaractor and 2 guests from the participating clubs trekked to RESCU to sort the book consignment that our 4 clubs will be sharing. The task involved piling similar copies that were not boxed. The team invested over 4 hours for this exercise. We hope to complete the task at the earliest convenience.We urgently need some boxes for packing the books before allocation to each club. We also need manpower. All clubs except Harare Dawn sponsor a Rotaract Club. I suggest we rope them in for the exercise. This Saturday can we spare some time to pack books from 1000 to 1300 hours. Kindly invite your Rotaractors and members of your clubs to join in the exercise. Also spread our appeal message for boxes to members of your Rotary clubs.

The Past Presidents Project continues and now that we have met them, hung with them we know that the results will be so much fun.

We now receiving payments for the Moulin Rouge dinner The French in me remembered sipping Champagne while gazing at the Eiffel tower. Magical sensual nights dancing the Sarabanda, Mazurka and Bourr?e. Thus I can’t wait for PE Michael’s dinner on the 16th of July at the Cresta Sango. And its Only $25.00

RAS 2016 is in Harare from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October 2016. It will be at the Stephen Margolis Resort.

Meet us on the other side in the Rotary Year 2016-2017 on Friday the 8th of July at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs.