Heads Up 16 June 2016

 “Never retract, never explain, never apologise
Get things done and let them howl” 

-Nellie McClung-

Those words sound strong and uncouth but they are on point. They point to execution, much like execution in the days of old (feeling my neck right now) it breathes finality and decisiveness. Execution transcends goals, tactic and strategy depicting process, system and culture. Above all it speaks of rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty and getting the Job done. I know I sound like a preacher but the gospel must go forth.  

In the same preacher voice we pass our condolences to the Chigwedere and the Mazhandu families. Praying for solace and peace in this time of bereavement, and reminding them you are not alone.  

The zeal I perceive in the committees gives me a little tingle, a bit of adrenalin from the excitement starts flowing in my veins (better that than the stuff that normally flows). I see great potential. Remember though a rock on top of a hill has great potential ….  and on that note Heads up on the following events: 

Past Presidents Interviews Project wow had great insight when PP Ndafadzwa and PP Fari had their interviews, now waiting on the other interviews.

Moulin Rouge dinner the moment I heard about it, I grinned and could feel the French in me rise. If you have ever heard of the Can-Can dance (R18) that’s where it came from. Thus I can’t wait for PE Michael’s dinner on the 16th of July at Cresta Sango and its Only $25.00

RAS 2016 is in Harare from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October 2016. Given the amount of progress made last year I think this year will be phenomenal.

The World Bank is currently inviting applications for its Young Professionals Program with an aim to provide opportunity for younger talent who have both a passion for international development and the leadership potential to grow in fascinating top technical and managerial roles in the World Bank Group. The Program is designed for highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to the WBG technical/operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resources and others. To be competitive for this highly selective program, candidates need to demonstrate a commitment Read here: https://www2.fundsforngos.org/latest-funds-for-ngos/world-banks-young-professionals-program-open-for-selection-process-2017
Deadline: 27 July 2016 

Meet us on Friday the 24th of June at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs