Heads Up 05 May 2016

During a recent chat about the good old days, we were having with the fellows over a round of drinks at a not so local establishment, one guy out of the blue just melancholically yawned “I loved that girl.” Took a sip of his drink and went back to his day dream. As if his words were a spell it took us back to that one person who made us sing “Ndichamuudza Chete (rough translation, I will tell them no matter what)” by Mafriq. All that’s left is to imagine what could have been, should have been or would have been. Almost on cue they played the Notorious track, skies is the limit and all the chill began to melt.

I am not passing the chill to you but consider if we had all acted on our fears. We would have been telling a great story and really having a gas instead of imagining. Can you consider all the people you would have touched in your own life if you had passed that sandwich to the person who said they were hungry. Hugged them when they were lonely, Imagine where your life would be if you had jumped on every opportunity that had your name on it.

In short in this transitional time as we take up new offices and plan new projects, I urge you to do, hold nothing back. Congrats Mai Mufaro guessing you over the moon, Sister flame congrats to you to, little man missed it by that much. On that note Heads up on the following events:

Rotaract Games are on 7th of May 2016, in Highlands it’s time to defend the trophy that we won in the inaugural tournament. Therefore come dressed to impress in your new club tees, and ready to make it happen.

Discon in Malawi D9210 rocks and do not miss out on this lakeside experience. Registration is only $50 with conference meals, Accommodation payments in progress and transport is confirmed to be $75.00. Discon Wear out as well Golf and Round tees going for $10 and $12 respectively.

Past Presidents Interviews Project wow had great insight when PP Ndafadzwa had his interview now waiting on the other interviews.

Meet us on Friday the 13th of May at the Rotary Center at 1730hrs.