President Elect Acceptance Message

Fellow Rotaractors, I'm most humbled by the confidence you have shown in me and all the other members who have been selected to be the board members for the year 2016-2017. I would like to thank you for awarding me the opportunity to be President of the most prestigious club in the district, Rotaract Harare Central! To all those who have been selected, I would like to let you know that the titles that have been given to us do not make us kings and queens, but simply mean that we now have to take a greater share of responsibility. Our work in Rotaract does not change, what we joined Rotaract for is what we continue to do but the only difference now is that there is no more room for excuses. 
We still have the Rotary year 2015-2016 to go through and it is our responsibility to continue supporting the current board to achieve it's goals and if you had not already done so, now is the time to pledge your support to the current President. The same goes to every other member of the club, you are the ones responsible for the success of the club, you are the decision makers, the ones who set the direction and the goals of the club. The board is only there to ensure that those goals are achieved. 

We all know that Rotaract is a voluntary organization and our success thrives on one thing only: commitment. To volunteer is to commit and this means giving your time and skills to a cause. We have come together to take action in our communities, to develop our leadership and professional skills, and to have fun. So the question we should be asking ourselves is what am I doing to achieve the above, rather than what has the club or the leadership done. We all have our part to play and the most important thing we want from you is your word. Great projects always start with a word because if no one says anything, then nothing gets done. 
Every member has an equal say to what can be done. The club needs you to contribute your ideas but above all, you also need to participate in developing those ideas into real life projects. 

One can never be part of something if they do not understand anything. Rotary is a very big organization which runs a lot of projects and programs. To be a functional part of Rotary, you will have to dedicate some of your time to learning more about Rotary and it's programs. is a good place to start but also attending Rotary Club meetings and projects will show you the real work that Rotary is doing and enable you to understand what role you can play. I therefore invite all members to always visit our parent Rotary club meetings on Thursdays at the Rotary Centre from 17:30 to 18:30hrs. It is also beneficial to visit meetings of other Rotary and Rotaract clubs as it will help you learn about the different styles in which different clubs run. 

Rotaract gives us the platform to meet new friends but apart from that, it helps expand our professional networks and to those who exploit these opportunities, Rotary is the beginning of successful careers. It is important for every Rotaractor to find themselves a Rotarian mentor, someone who not only guides you through the activities of Rotary but through whatever profession you are in. One important thing to note is that no Rotarian will come looking Rotaractors to mentor, it is your own responsibility to find a suitable mentor in Rotary and the place to start is a Rotary meeting. Our club endeavors to do professional development projects from time to time, but they are by far less effective than having a Rotarian to help you develop your career. 

The Club Services committee is always working on fellowship activities in a bid to get us closer as one family. However, true friendship does not come from having a braai when club services calls it. True friendship comes when one member invites the other for fellowship. As Rotaractors, we aim to build friendships and have fun together, but if you never call or text another Rotaractor to find out how their day or week was, then you have no chance at finding friendship in Rotaract. Inviting a fellow for drinks after work or on weekends is a true sign of friendship. However it does not end there, we all know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. As Rotaractors, we should always be there to offer support to our friends in Rotaract - it could be in times of joy or in times of sadness, we should always be there for one another. Remember, every good thing that you want to see in this world, it has to start with you. Be the first to make that call, and you will be surprised how much pleasurable the experience will be. 

One of the avenues of service of Rotary is Vocational Service, a call on every Rotarian/Rotaractor to work with integrity and contribute their expertise to the problems and needs of society. As Rotaract Harare Central, we have a role to play in our society and please note that money is not an expertise! The call is on us to to contribute our skills, our knowledge and our time to help solve the problems is our society. Being in Rotary/Rotaract places us in a position where we can easily connect problems to solutions. Know a village where there are no medical facilities - talk to a health expert in your club or phone book about a possible project of bringing a mobile clinic. There are a lot of problems in our communities and if we really give ourselves time to analyze, we will see that there's always someone we know who may have the solution to that problem. The only one thing we just need to posses is will, because without will, there is no way we can solve anything. 
There are organizations all over the world that are looking for sustainable projects to run and to fund, and as Rotaract, all we have to do is identify the projects and link them to these organizations. As we continue our journey in Rotary and solve the world's problems, always keep in mind Rotary's Areas of Focus (image above). 

Fellow Rotaractors and friends, as we face the year ahead of us, I invite you to be part of the history that we are going to make as the Rotaract Club of Harare Central. Our work is tough, but as good friends, we will face the tides together. We want to continue growing our membership and this responsibility is upon us all. 
We all have friends, at work at church and at our homes. It is our duty to identify the people we believe to share the same vision as ourselves and invite them to be part of this great family of Rotaract. If every member is to bring in one new member this year, our membership will not only double but the impact we have in our communities will be greater too. 
We all know our strengths and interests, it's high time the world benefited from those, step forward and let the club know about what you can do and together, we can change the world! 

Yours in Service 
President Elect 
Michael M Chiwere.