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Central Heads Up - 28 October 2016

Lets go out there and contribute to our community pick up a shovel and clear a drain. Visit an orphanage and plough their fields anonymously, go to a social

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Central Heads Up - 19 November 2015

Take time to reach out to Rotaractor’s in these parts of the world. Take time to reflect on things that are higher than I. For we are Rotaractor’s for such a time as this.

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Central Heads Up – 11 November 2015

October was a learning month from Councilor Mbanga, Rotaractor’s Tinga and Amos and the Resident Representative of the IMF Christian Beddies.

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Central Heads Up – 29 October 2015

Club Services, Thank you for Kariba we really had a chance to chill and enjoy. Keep up the great work guys!! To every club that sent a delegate you guys rock.

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Central Heads Up - 26 Aug 2015

“Pizza to the people” rocked last night to those who came and Congratulations to Val on her induction, welcome to Central!

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Central Heads Up - Nov 6

It’s been a while since we last shared highlights on whats happening in our club. We will roll back to the beginning of the month, the 4th of October where we had our Power Seminar. The theme of the event was “Simple Practical Growth”

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